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Schedule | LICS 2020


Scheduleupdated July 07, 2020 (16:33)

Tutorial video for authors.


MON, 06.07.2020, 9:30-16:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlido icon
MON, 06.07.2020, 8:45-18:00 UTC+2
MON, 06.07.2020, 10:00-18:15 UTC+2
TUE, 07.07.2020, 9:30-17:25 UTC+2
TUE, 07.07.2020, 10:00-18:10 UTC+2
YouTube icon


SessionDOIStreamSlackSession Chair(s)
Invited Talk (LICS/ICALP)
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao

WED, 08.7.2020, 12:00-13:00 UTC+2
DOI iconYouTube iconSlack iconArtur Czumaj
Opening Ceremony (LICS/ICALP)
and Best Video Awards

WED, 08.7.2020, 13:00-13:30 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconLijun Zhang Xiaotie Deng
Invited Talk (ICALP-A)
Virginia Vassilevska Williams

WED, 08.7.2020, 15:30-16:30 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconDaniel Marx
Social Meeting
WED, 08.7.2020, 18:00-19:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconHolger Hermanns
Invited Talk (LICS/ICALP)
Jérôme Leroux

THU, 09.7.2020, 12:30-13:30 UTC+2
DOI iconYouTube iconSlack iconJoel Ouaknine
Tutorial (LICS/ICALP)
Erich Grädel

THU, 09.7.2020, 14:00-15:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconJames Worrell
and Best Paper Announcement

THU, 09.7.2020, 18:00-19:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconPaul Spirakis
Invited Talk (ICALP-B)
Stefan Kiefer

FRI, 10.7.2020, 12:30-13:30 UTC+2
DOI iconYouTube iconSlack iconAnuj Dawar
Award Session (LICS/ICALP)
Presburger Award, Gödel Prize, Test of Time (LICS)

FRI, 10.7.2020, 14:00-15:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconAnca Muscholl
Tutorial (LICS)
Brigitte Pientka

FRI, 10.7.2020, 17:00-18:00 UTC+2
YouTube iconSlack iconSupratik Chakraborty
Invited Talk (LICS)
Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini

SAT, 11.7.2020, 12:30-13:30 UTC+2
DOI iconYouTube iconSlack iconNaoki Kobayashi
Invited Talk (ICALP-A)
Robert Krauthgamer

SAT, 11.7.2020, 15:30-16:30 UTC+2
DOI iconYouTube iconSlack iconKurt Mehlhorn
LICS Business Meeting
SAT, 11.7.2020, 17:00 18:00 UTC+2
Slack iconDale Miller
EATCS General Assembly
SAT, 11.7.2020, 17:00 18:00 UTC+2
Slack iconPaul Spirakis

Q/A Sessions

Q/A Session A

WED, 08.07.2020, 14:00-15:00 UTC+2
when is this in my timezone?

Q/A Slot A1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): John Iacono
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.AKinetic Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams in a Simple PolygonMatias Korman, André van Renssen, Marcel Roeloffzen, Frank StaalsFrank Staals
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.BScattering and Sparse Partitions, and their ApplicationsArnold FiltserArnold Filtser
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.CExtending Partial 1-Planar DrawingsEduard Eiben, Robert Ganian, Thekla Hamm, Fabian Klute, Martin NöllenburgThekla Hamm
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.DFréchet Distance for Uncertain CurvesKevin Buchin, Chenglin Fan, Maarten Löffler, Aleksandr Popov, Benjamin Raichel and Marcel RoeloffzenAleksandr Popov
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.EApproximate Nearest Neighbor for Curves --- Simple, Efficient, and DeterministicArnold Filtser, Omrit Filtser, Matthew KatzOmrit Filtser
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA1.FA Simple Dynamization of Trapezoidal Point Location in Planar SubdivisionsMilutin Brankovic, Nikola Grujic, André van Renssen, Martin P. SeyboldMartin Seybold

Q/A Slot A2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Keren Censor-Hillel
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.AA Water-Filling Primal-Dual Algorithm for Approximating Non-Linear Covering Problems Andres Fielbaum, Ignacio Morales, Jose VerschaeAndres Fielbaum
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.BAn Optimal Algorithm for Online Multiple KnapsackMarcin Bienkowski, Maciej Pacut, Krzysztof PiecuchMaciej Pacut
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.COn Solving (Non)commutative Weighted Edmonds' ProblemTaihei OkiTaihei Oki
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.DOptimal Streaming Algorithms for Submodular Maximization with Cardinality ConstraintsNaor Alaluf, Alina Ene, Moran Feldman, Huy Nguyen and Andrew SuhAndrew Suh
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.EScheduling Lower Bounds via AND Subset SumAmir Abboud, Karl Bringmann, Danny Hermelin and Dvir ShabtayDanny Hermelin
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA2.FLinearly Representable Submodular Functions: An Algebraic Algorithm for MinimizationRohit Gurjar and Rajat RathiRohit Gurjar

Q/A Slot A3 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Eric Vigoda
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.ACounting solutions to random CNF formulasAndreas Galanis, Leslie Ann Goldberg, Heng Guo and Kuan YangKuan Yang
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.BOn the central levels problemPetr Gregor, Ondřej Mička, Torsten MützeTorsten Mütze
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.CThe complexity of promise SAT on non-Boolean domainsAlex Brandts, Marcin Wrochna, Stanislav ŽivnýMarcin Wrochna
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.DConditionally optimal approximation algorithms for the girth of a directed graphMina Dalirrooyfard, Virginia Vassilevska WilliamsMina Dalirrooyfard
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.EMedians in median graphs and their cube complexes in linear timeLaurine Bénéteau, Jérémie Chalopin, Victor Chepoi, Yann VaxèsLaurine Bénéteau
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA3.Fd-to-1 Hardness of Coloring 3-colorable Graphs with O(1) colorsVenkatesan Guruswami, Sai SandeepSai Sandeep

Q/A Slot A4 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Kousha Etessami
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.AOn Skolem-hardness and saturation points in Markov decision processesJakob Piribauer and Christel BaierJakob Piribauer
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.BBisimulation Equivalence of Pushdown Automata is Ackermann-CompleteWenbo Zhang, Qiang Yin, Huan Long and Xian XuWenbo Zhang
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.COn polynomial recursive sequencesMichaël Cadilhac, Filip Mazowiecki, Charles Paperman, Michał Pilipczuk and Géraud SénizerguesFilip Mazowiecki
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.DOn Decidability of Time-bounded Reachability in CTMDPsRupak Majumdar, Mahmoud Salamati, Sadegh SoudjaniMahmoud Salamati
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.EOn the Size of Finite Rational Matrix SemigroupsGeorgina Bumpus, Christoph Haase, Stefan Kiefer, Paul-Ioan Stoienescu and Jonathan TannerJonathan Tanner
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA4.FInvariants for Continuous Linear Dynamical SystemsShaull Almagor, Edon Kelmendi, Joël Ouaknine and James WorrellShaull Almagor

Q/A Slot A5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Orna Kupferman
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA5.ABisimulation Finiteness of Pushdown Systems Is ElementaryStefan Göller and Pawel ParysStefan Göller
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA5.BThe Complexity of Reachability in Affine Vector Addition Systems with StatesMichael Blondin and Mikhail RaskinMikhail Raskin
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA5.CEfficient Analysis of VASS Termination ComplexityAntonín Kučera, Jérôme Leroux and Dominik VelanAntonín Kučera
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA5.DAn Approach to Regular Separability in Vector Addition SystemsWojciech Czerwiński and Georg ZetzscheWojciech Czerwiński
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA5.EComplexity of controlled bad sequences over finite sets of $\mathbb{N}^d$A. R. BalasubramanianA. R. Balasubramanian

Q/A Slot A6 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Pierre Clairambault
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.AModal Intuitionistic Logics as Dialgebraic LogicsJim de Groot and Dirk PattinsonDirk Pattinson
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.BCones as a model of intuitionistic linear logicThomas EhrhardThomas Ehrhard
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.CConcurrent separation logic meets template gamesPaul-André Melliès and Léo StefanescoLéo Stefanesco
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.DLogic Beyond Formulas: A Proof System on GraphsMatteo Acclavio, Ross Horne, and Lutz StraßburgerRoss Horne
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.EModal Logics with Composition on Finite Forests: Expressivity and ComplexityBartosz Bednarczyk, Stéphane Demri, Raul Fervari, Alessio MansuttiAlessio Mansutti
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconA6.FExtended Kripke lemma and decidability for hypersequent substructural logicsRevantha RamanayakeRevantha Ramanayake

Q/A Session B

WED, 08.07.2020, 17:00-18:00 UTC+2
when is this in my timezone?

Q/A Slot B1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Thomas Sauerwald
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.AA dichotomy for bounded degree graph homomorphisms with nonnegative weightsArtsiom Hovarau, Jin-Yi Cai, Martin DyerArtsiom Hovarau
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.BCounting perfect matchings and the eight-vertex modelJin-Yi Cai and Tianyu LiuTianyu Liu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.CContraction: a Unified Perspective of Correlation Decay and Zero-Freeness of 2-Spin SystemsShuai Shao and Yuxin SunShuai Shao
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.DGraph isomorphism in quasipolynomial time parameterized by treewidthDaniel WiebkingDaniel Wiebking
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.ECounting homomorphisms in plain exponential timeA.Bulatov, A. DadsetanAndrei Bulatov
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB1.FHypergraph Isomorphism for Groups with Restricted Composition FactorsDaniel NeuenDaniel Neuen

Q/A Slot B2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Sepehr Assadi
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.AA Scaling Algorithm for Weighted f-Factors in General GraphsRan Duan, Haoqing He, Tianyi ZhangHaoqing He
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.BNetwork-Aware Strategies in Financial SystemsPál András Papp, Roger WattenhoferPál András Papp
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.CRobust Algorithms for TSP and Steiner TreeArun Ganesh, Bruce M. Maggs, Debmalya PanigrahiArun Ganesh
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.DAn Efficient PTAS for Stochastic Load Balancing with Poisson JobsAnindya De, Sanjeev Khanna, Huan Li, Hesam NikpeyHuan Li, Hesam Nikpey
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.EOnline Two-dimensional Load BalancingIlan Cohen and Sungjin Im and Debmalya PanigrahiIlan Cohen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB2.FThe Iteration Number of Colour RefinementSandra Kiefer, Brendan D. McKaySandra Kiefer

Q/A Slot B3 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Andrej Bogdanov
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.AFaster Random k-CNF SatisfiabilityAndrea Lincoln, Adam Yedidia.Yedidia Adam
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.BSparse Recovery for Orthogonal Polynomial TransformsAnna Gilbert, Albert Gu, Christopher Re, Atri Rudra, Mary WoottersAlbert Gu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.CHard Problems on Random GraphsJan Dreier, Henri Lotze and Peter RossmanithPeter Rossmanith
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.DDynamic Averaging Load Balancing on CyclesDan Alistarh, Giorgi Nadiradze, Amirmojtaba SabourAmirmojtaba Sabour
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.EA spectral bound on hypergraph discrepancyAditya PotukuchiAditya Potukuchi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB3.FHow to hide a clique?Uriel Feige, Vadim GrinbergVadim Grinberg

Q/A Slot B4 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Manuel Bodirsky
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.ASensitive instances of the Constraint Satisfaction ProblemLibor Barto, Marcin Kozik, Johnson Tan, Matt ValerioteLibor Barto
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.BHrushovski's encoding and ω-categorical CSP monstersPierre Gillibert, Julius Jonušas, Michael Kompatscher, Antoine Mottet, and Michael PinskerMichael Pinsker
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.COn the power of ordering in linear arithmetic theoriesDmitry Chistikov and Christoph HaaseChristoph Haase
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.DOn Higher-Order CryptographyBoaz Barak, Raphaëlle Crubillé and Ugo Dal LagoUgo Dal Lago
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.EImplicit automata in typed λ-calculi I: aperiodicity in a non-commutative logicLê Thành Dũng Nguyễn and Pierre PradicPierre Pradic
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB4.FDecision Problems in Information TheoryMahmoud Abo Khamis, Phokion Kolaitis, Hung Ngo and Dan SuciuDan Suciu

Q/A Slot B5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Steve Awodey
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.AMultimodal Dependent Type TheoryDaniel Gratzer, G.A. Kavvos, Andreas Nuyts, Lars BirkedalDaniel Gratzer
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.BRussian Constructivism in a Prefascist TheoryPierre-Marie PédrotPierre-Marie Pédrot
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.CA Higher Structure Identity PrincipleBenedikt Ahrens, Paige Randall North, Michael Shulman, Dimitris TsementzisPaige North
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.DSequential Colimits in Homotopy Type TheoryKristina Sojakova, Floris van Doorn, Egbert RijkeKristina Sojakova
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.EConstructing Higher Inductive Types as Groupoid QuotientsNiels van der WeideNiels van der Weide
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB5.FLinear Dependent Type Theory for Quantum Programming LanguagesPeng Fu, Kohei Kishida, Peter SelingerPeter Selinger, Peng Fu, Kohei Kishida

Q/A Slot B6 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Christine Tasson
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.AUniversal equivalence and majority of probabilistic programs over finite fieldsGilles Barthe, Charlie Jacomme and Steve KremerCharlie Jacomme
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.BCombining probabilistic and non-deterministic choice via weak distributive lawsAlexandre Goy, Daniela PetrisanAlexandre Goy
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.CApproximating Values of Generalized-Reachability Stochastic GamesPranav Ashok, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Jan Kretinsky, Maximilian Weininger, Tobias WinklerMaximilian Weininger
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.DMixing Probabilistic and non-Probabilistic Objectives in Markov Decision ProcessesRaphaël Berthon, Shibashis Guha, Jean-François RaskinRaphaël Berthon
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.EThe Benefit of Being Non-Lazy in Probabilistic λ-calculus: Applicative Bisimulation is Fully Abstract for Non-Lazy Probabilistic Call-by-NameGianluca Curzi, Michele PaganiGianluca Curzi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconB6.FA characterisation of ordered abstract probabilitiesAbraham Westerbaan, Bas Westerbaan, John van de WeteringBas Westerbaan

Q/A Session C

THU, 09.07.2020, 15:30-16:30 UTC+2
when is this in my timezone?

Q/A Slot C1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Keren Censor-Hillel
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.ASimplifying and Unifying Replacement Paths Algorithms in Weighted Directed GraphsShiri Chechik & Moran Nechushtan Moran Nechushtan
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.BOn Packing Low-Diameter Spanning TreesJulia Chuzhoy, Merav Parter, Zihan TanZihan Tan
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.CMinimum cut in O(m log² n) timePawel Gawrychowski, Shay Mozes and Oren WeimannPawel Gawrychowski
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.DGraph Coloring via Degeneracy in Streaming and Other Space-Conscious ModelsSuman Kalyan Bera, Amit Chakrabarti, Prantar GhoshPrantar Ghosh
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.EProportionally Fair Clustering RevisitedEvi Micha, Nisarg ShahEvi Micha
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC1.FRoundtrip Spanners with (2k-1) StretchRuoxu Cen, Ran Duan and Yong GuRan Duan

Q/A Slot C2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Andrej Bogdanov
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.ASymmetric Arithmetic CircuitsAnuj Dawar and Gregory WilsenachGregory Wilsenach
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.BHardness of equations over finite solvable groups under the exponential time hypothesisArmin WeißArmin Weiß
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.CNondeterministic and Randomized Boolean Hierarchies in Communication ComplexityToniann Pitassi, Morgan Shirley, Thomas WatsonMorgan Shirley
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.DCan Verifiable Delay Functions be Based on Random Oracles?Mohammad Mahmoody, Caleb Smith, David J. WuDavid J. Wu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.EFeasible Interpolation for Polynomial Calculus and Sums-of-SquaresTuomas HakoniemiTuomas Hakoniemi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC2.FOn the Degree of Boolean Functions as Polynomials over ℤ_mXiaoming Sun, Yuan Sun, Jiaheng Wang, Kewen Wu, Zhiyu Xia, Yufan ZhengJiaheng Wang

Q/A Slot C3 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): John Iacono
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.AActive Learning a Convex Body in Low DimensionsSariel Har-Peled, Mitchell Jones, Saladi RahulMitchell Jones
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.BPolytopes, lattices, and spherical codes for the nearest neighbor problemThijs LaarhovenThijs Laarhoven
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.COn the two-dimensional knapsack problem for convex polygonsArturo Merino, Andreas WieseArturo Merino
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.DNear-optimal Algorithm for Constructing Greedy Consensus Tree Hongxun Wu Hongxun Wu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.EComputational Complexity of the α-Ham-Sandwich ProblemMan-Kwun Chiu, Aruni Choudhary, Wolfgang MulzerAruni Choudhary
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC3.FSuccinct Filters for Sets of Unknown SizesMingmou Liu, Yitong Yin, Huacheng YuMingmou Liu

Q/A Slot C4 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Peter Selinger
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.AA Recipe for Quantum Graphical LanguagesTitouan Carette and Emmanuel JeandelTitouan Carette
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.BThe Strahler Number of a Parity GameLaure Daviaud, Marcin Jurdzinski, K. S. ThejaswiniK. S. Thejaswini
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.CTwo variable logic with ultimately periodic countingMichael Benedikt, Egor V. Kostylev, Tony TanEgor Kostylev
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.DThe Power of a Single Qubit: Two-way Quantum Finite Automata and the Word ProblemZachary RemscrimZachary Remscrim
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.EThe Adversarial Stackelberg Value in Quantitative GamesEmmanuel Filiot, Raffaella Gentilini and Jean-Francois RaskinJean-Francois Raskin
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC4.FDescriptive complexity on non-Polish spaces IIMathieu HoyrupMathieu Hoyrup

Q/A Slot C5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Igor Walukiewicz
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.AAn Efficient Normalisation Procedure for Linear Temporal Logic and Very Weak Alternating AutomataSalomon Sickert and Javier EsparzaSalomon Sickert
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.BOne-Clock Priced Timed Games are PSPACE-hardJohn Fearnley, Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen and Rahul SavaniRasmus Ibsen-Jensen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.CExtensions of ω-Regular LanguagesBojańczyk, Kelmendi, Stefański, ZetzscheMikołaj Bojańczyk
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.DRegister Automata with Extrema Constraints, and an Application to Two-Variable LogicSzymon Toruńczyk and Thomas ZeumeSzymon Toruńczyk
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.EFirst-order tree-to-tree functionsMikołaj Bojańczyk and Amina DoumaneAmina Doumane
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC5.FSpace-efficient Query Evaluation over Probabilistic Event StreamsRajeev Alur, Yu Chen, Kishor Jothimurugan, Sanjeev KhannaKishor Jothimurugan, Yu Chen

Q/A Slot C6 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Radu Mardare
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.AOn the computational content of Zorn's lemmaThomas PowellThomas Powell
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.BResolving finite indeterminacy: A definitive constructive universal prime ideal theoremPeter Schuster, Daniel WesselPeter Schuster
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.CA Fixed Point Theorem on Lexicographic Lattice StructuresAngelos Charalambidis, Giannos Chatziagapis and Panos RondogiannisGiannos Chatziagapis
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.DAutomata Learning: An Algebraic ApproachHenning Urbat and Lutz SchröderHenning Urbat
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.EInteraction laws of monads and comonadsShin-ya Katsumata, Exequiel Rivas, Tarmo UustaluExequiel Rivas
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconC6.FCoherence and normalisation-by-evaluation for bicategorical cartesian closed structureMarcelo Fiore, Philip SavillePhilip Saville

Q/A Session D

THU, 09.07.2020, 17:00-18:00 UTC+2
when is this in my timezone?

Q/A Slot D1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Martin Hoefer
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.ATree Polymatrix Games are PPAD-hardArgyrios Deligkas, John Fearnley, Rahul SavaniArgyrios Deligkas
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.BExistence and Complexity of Approximate Equilibria in Weighted Congestion GamesGeorge Christodoulou, Martin Gairing, Yiannis Giannakopoulos, Diogo Poças and Clara WaldmannDiogo Poças
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.CKnapsack Secretary with Bursty AdversaryThomas Kesselheim, Marco MolinaroThomas Kesselheim
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.DNode-Max-Cut and the Complexity of Equilibrium in Linear Weighted Congestion GamesDimitris Fotakis, Vardis Kandiros, Thanasis Lianeas, Nikos Mouzakis, Panagiotis Patsilinakos and Stratis SkoulakisNikos Mouzakis
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.EObviously Strategyproof Single-Minded Combinatorial AuctionsBart de Keijzer, Maria Kyropoulou, Carmine VentreCarmine Ventre
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD1.FThe Outer Limits of Contention Resolution on Matroids and Connections to the Secretary Problem.Shaddin DughmiShaddin Dughmi

Q/A Slot D2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Erik Jan van Leeuwen
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.AParameterized inapproximability for Steiner Orientation by gap amplificationMichal WlodarczykMichal Wlodarczyk
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.BSpace Efficient Construction of Lyndon Arrays in Linear TimePhilip Bille, Jonas Ellert, Johannes Fischer, Inge Li Gørtz, Florian Kurpicz, J. Ian Munro and Eva RotenbergJonas Ellert
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.CThe Power of Many Samples in Query ComplexityAndrew Bassilakis, Andrew Drucker, Mika Göös, Lunjia Hu, Weiyun Ma, Li-Yang TanLunjia Hu, Weijun Ma
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.DTowards Optimal Set-Disjointness and Set-Intersection Data StructuresTsvi Kopelowitz, Virginia Vassilevska WilliamsTsvi Kopelowitz
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.EFaster Dynamic Range ModeBryce Sandlund, Yinzhan XuYinzhan Xu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD2.FDynamic Longest Common Substring in Polylogarithmic TimePanagiotis Charalampopoulos, Paweł Gawrychowski and Karol PokorskiKarol Pokorski

Q/A Slot D3 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Christian Scheideler
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.AImproved Black-Box Constructions of Composable Secure ComputationRohit Chatterjee, Xiao Liang, Omkant Pandey Rohit Chatterjee
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.BSpectral Sparsification via Bounded-Independence SamplingDean Doron, Jack Murtagh, Salil Vadhan and David ZuckermanDean Doron
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.CCryptographic Reverse Firewalls for Interactive Proof SystemsChaya Ganesh, Bernardo Magri, Daniele Venturi.Bernardo Magri
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.DQuantum Distributed Complexity of Set Disjointness on a LineFrederic Magniez, Ashwin NayakFrederic Magniez, Ashwin Nayak
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.EOn the complexity of zero gap MIP*Hamoon Mousavi, Seyed Sajjad Nezhadi and Henry YuenHamoon Mousavi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD3.FFrom Holant to Quantum Entanglement and BackJin-Yi Cai, Zhiguo Fu and Shuai ShaoShuai Shao

Q/A Slot D4 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Antonin Kucera
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.ALogical Characterisation of Hybrid ConformanceMaciej Gazda and Mohammadreza Mousavi Maciej Gazda
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.BThe Complexity of Bounded Context Switching with Dynamic Thread CreationPascal Baumann, Rupak Majumdar, Ramanathan Thinniyam Srinivasan, Georg ZetzschePascal Baumann
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.CThe Complexity of Verifying Loop-free Programs as Differentially PrivateMarco Gaboardi, Kobbi Nissim and David PurserDavid Purser
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.DTimed games and deterministic separabilityLorenzo Clemente, Sławomir Lasota and Radosław PiórkowskiRadosław Piórkowski
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.EThe Topology of Local Computing in NetworksPierre Fraigniaud and Ami PazPierre Fraigniaud
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD4.FDynamic Complexity of Reachability: How Many Changes Can We Handle?Samir Datta, Pankaj Kumar, Anish Mukherjee, Anuj Tawari, Nils Vortmeier, Thomas ZeumeNils Vortmeier

Q/A Slot D5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Antonina Kolokolova
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.ACounting Bounded Tree Depth HomomorphismsMartin GroheMartin Grohe
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.BLower Bounds for QBFs of Bounded TreewidthJohannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher and Andreas PfandlerMarkus Hecher
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.CSuccessor-Invariant First-Order Logic on Classes of Bounded DegreeJulien GrangeJulien Grange
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.DHardness Characterisations and Size-Width Lower Bounds for QBF ResolutionOlaf Beyersdorff, Joshua Blinkhorn, Meena MahajanJoshua Blinkhorn
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.EThe Surprising Power of Constant Depth Algebraic ProofsRussell Impagliazzo, Sasank Mouli and Toniann PitassiSasank Mouli
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD5.FThe Hidden Subgroup Problem for Universal AlgebrasMatthew Moore and Taylor WalenczykMatthew Moore

Q/A Slot D6 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Elaine Pimentel
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.AA tier-based typed programming language characterizing Feasible FunctionalsHainry, Kapron, Marion, and PéchouxRomain Péchoux
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.BConsuming and Persistent Types for Classical LogicDelia Kesner, Pierre VialPierre Vial
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.CReconciling Noninterference and Gradual TypingArthur Azevedo de Amorim, Matt Fredrikson and Limin JiaArthur Azevedo de Amorim
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.DDeciding Differential Privacy for Programs with Finite Inputs and OutputsGilles Barthe, Rohit Chadha, Vishal Jagannath, A. Prasad Sistla and Mahesh ViswanathanRohit Chadha
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.EA calculus of expandable stores: Continuation-and-environment-passing style translationsHugo Herbelin, Étienne MiqueyÉtienne Miquey
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconD6.FOn Computability of Logical Approaches to Branching-Time Property Verification of ProgramsTakeshi TsukadaTakeshi Tsukada

Q/A Session E

FRI, 10.07.2020, 15:30-16:30 UTC+2
when is this in my timezone?

Q/A Slot E1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Christian Scheideler
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.AAsynchronous Majority Dynamics in Preferential Attachment TreesMaryam Bahrani, Nicole Immorlica, Divyarthi Mohan, S. Matthew WeinbergMaryam Bahrani
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.BQuasi-majority Functional Voting on Expander GraphsNobutaka Shimizu and Takeharu ShiragaNobutaka Shimizu
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.CNew Extremal bounds for Reachability and Strong-Connectivity Preservers under failuresDiptarka Chakraborty and Keerti ChoudharyKeerti Choudhary
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.DNode-Connectivity Terminal Backup, Separately-Capacitated Multiflow, and Discrete ConvexityHiroshi Hirai and Motoki IkedaMotoki Ikeda
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.EA General Stabilization Bound for Influence Propagation in GraphsPál András Papp, Roger WattenhoferPál András Papp
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE1.FNew Fault Tolerant Subset Preservers Greg Bodwin, Keerti Choudhary, Merav Parter and Noa ShaharNoa Shahar

Q/A Slot E2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Sepehr Assadi
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.ADeterministic Sparse Fourier Transform with an 𝓁_{∞} GuaranteeYi Li, Vasileios NakosYi Li
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.BImproved Bounds for Matching in Random-Order StreamsAaron BernsteinAaron Bernstein
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.CSublinear Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Metric TSP Cost EstimationYu Chen, Sampath Kannan, Sanjeev KhannaYu Chen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.DRobust Algorithms under Adversarial InjectionsParitosh Garg, Sagar Kale, Lars Rohwedder, Ola SvenssonParitosh Garg
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.ESampling Arbitrary Subgraphs Exactly Uniformly in Sublinear TimeHendrik Fichtenberger, Mingze Gao and Pan PengHendrik Fichtenberger
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE2.FProperty Testing of LP-Type ProblemsRogers Epstein, Sandeep SilwalSandeep Silwal

Q/A Slot E3 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Shengyu Zhang
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.AComputation of Hadwiger Number and Related Contraction Problems: Tight Lower BoundsFedor Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, Ivan Mihajlin, Saket Saurabh and Meirav ZehaviMeirav Zehavi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.BBridge-Depth Characterizes which Structural Parameterizations of Vertex Cover Admit a Polynomial KernelMarin Bougeret, Bart M. P. Jansen and Ignasi SauBart M. P. Jansen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.CNear Optimal Algorithm for the Directed Single Source Replacement Paths ProblemOfer Magen, Shiri ChechikOfer Magen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.DOn the Fine-Grained Complexity of Parity ProblemsAmir Abboud, Shon Feller, Oren WeimannShon Feller
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.ESublinear-Space Lexicographic Depth-First Search for Bounded Treewidth Graphs and Planar GraphsTaisuke Izumi and Yota OtachiTaisuke Izumi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE3.FEfficient diagonalization of symmetric matrices associated with graphs of small treewidthMartin Fürer, Carlos Hoppen and Vilmar TrevisanCarlos Hoppen

Q/A Slot E4 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Szymon Toruńczyk
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.AThe Post Correspondence Problem and equalisers for certain free group and monoid morphismsLaura Ciobanu and Alan LoganAlan Logan
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.BThe complexity of knapsack problems in wreath productsMichael Figelius, Moses Ganardi, Markus Lohrey, Georg ZetzscheMoses Ganardi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.CHardness results for constant-free pattern languages and word equationsAleksi SaarelaAleksi Saarela
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.DWeakly-unambiguous Parikh automata and their link to holonomic seriesAlin Bostan, Arnaud Carayol, Florent Koechlin and Cyril Nicaud Florent Koechlin
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.EOn the structure of solution sets to regular word equationsJoel D Day and Florin ManeaJoel Day
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE4.FRational subsets of Baumslag-Solitar groupsMichaël Cadilhac, Dmitry Chistikov, and Georg ZetzscheGeorg Zetzsche

Q/A Slot E5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Ugo Dal Lago
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.APartial Univalence in n-truncated Type TheoryChristian Sattler, Andrea VezzosiAndrea Vezzosi
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.BThe Integers as a Higher Inductive TypeThorsten Altenkirch and Luis ScoccolaThorsten Altenkirch
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.CLarge and Infinitary Quotient Inductive-Inductive TypesAndrás Kovács and Ambrus KaposiAndrás Kovács
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.DAlgebraic models of simple type theories: a polynomial approachNathanael Arkor & Marcelo FioreNathanael Arkor
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.EA Constructive Model of Directed Univalence in Bicubical SetsMatthew Z. Weaver, Daniel R. LicataMatthew Z. Weaver
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE5.FCoherence via Well-Foundedness: Taming Set-Quotients in Homotopy Type TheoryNicolai Kraus and Jakob von RaumerJakob von Raumer

Q/A Slot E6 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Sam Staton
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE6.AA Cellular Howe TheoremPeio Borthelle, Tom Hirschowitz, and Ambroise LafontTom Hirschowitz
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE6.BA Complete Proof System for 1-Free Regular Expressions Modulo BisimilarityClemens Grabmayer and Wan FokkinkClemens Grabmayer
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE6.CA Hennessy-Milner Theorem for ATL with Imperfect InformationFrancesco Belardinelli, Catalin Dima, Vadim Malvone and Ferucio TipleaCatalin Dima
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE6.DRefinement-Based Game Semantics for Certified Abstraction LayersJérémie Koenig Zhong ShaoJérémie Koenig
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconE6.EThe Complexity of Dynamic Data Race PredictionUmang Mathur and Andreas Pavlogiannis and Mahesh ViswanathanAndreas Pavlogiannis

Q/A Session F

SAT, 11.07.2020, 14:00-15:00 UTC+2
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Q/A Slot F1 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Matthias Englert
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.AScheduling in the Random-Order ModelSusanne Albers , Maximilian JankeMaximilian Janke
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.BLower bounds for dynamic distributed task allocationHsin-Hao Su, Nicole WeinNicole Wein
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.CFaster Minimization of Tardy Processing Time on a Single MachineKarl Bringmann, Nick Fischer, Danny Hermelin, Dvir Shabtay and Philip WellnitzNick Fischer
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.DBreaking the Barrier of 2 for the Storage Allocation ProblemTobias Mömke and Andreas WieseTobias Mömke
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.EThe Online Min-Sum Set Cover ProblemDimitris Fotakis, Loukas Kavouras, Grigorios Koumoutsos, Stratis Skoulakis, Manolis VardasStratis Skoulakis
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF1.FOnline Algorithms for Weighted Paging with PredictionsZhihao Jiang, Debmalya Panigrahi and Kevin SunKevin Sun

Q/A Slot F2 — ICALP-A

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Melanie Schmidt
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.APopular Matchings with One-Sided BiasTelikepalli KavithaTelikepalli Kavitha
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.BMatrices of optimal tree-depth and row-invariant parameterized algorithm for integer programmingTimothy Chan, Jacob Cooper, Martin Koutecký, Dan Král and Kristýna PekárkováJacob Cooper
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.CAn FPT-algorithm for recognizing k-apices of minor-closed graph classesIgnasi Sau, Giannos Stamoulis and Dimitrios M. ThilikosGiannos Stamoulis
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.DHitting long directed cycles is fixed-parameter tractableAlexander Göke, Dániel Marx, Matthias MnichAlexander Göke
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.EOn Quasipolynomial Multicut-Mimicking Networks and Kernelization of Multiway Cut ProblemsMagnus WahlströmMagnus Wahlström
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF2.FA (2 + ε)-Factor Approximation Algorithm for Split Vertex DeletionDaniel Lokshtanov, Pranabendu Misra, Fahad Panolan, Geevarghese Philip, Saket SaurabhPhilip Geevarghese

Q/A Slot F3 — ICALP-B

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Ranko Lazic
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.AFinite Sequentiality of Finitely Ambiguous Max-Plus Tree AutomataErik PaulErik Paul
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.BCost Automata, Safe Schemes, and Downward ClosuresDavid Barozzini, Lorenzo Clemente, Thomas Colcombet and Paweł ParysDavid Barozzini
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.CComputing measures of weak-MSO definable sets of treesDamian Niwiński, Marcin Przybyłko, and Michał SkrzypczakMichał Skrzypczak
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.DSingle-use automata and transducers for infinite alphabetsMikołaj Bojańczyk and Rafał StefańskiRafał Stefański
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.EFrom linear to additive cellular automataAlberto Dennunzio, Enrico Formenti, Darij Grinberg and Luciano MargaraEnrico Formenti
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF3.FWhen is a Bottom-Up Deterministic Tree Translation Top-Down Deterministic?Sebastian Maneth, Helmut SeidlHelmut Seidl

Q/A Slot F4 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Emmanuel Filiot
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF4.AGood-for-games ω-Pushdown AutomataKaroliina Lehtinen and Martin ZimmermannKaroliina Lehtinen
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF4.BMaking Streett Determinization TightCong Tian, Wensheng Wang, Zhenhua DuanCong Tian
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF4.CUniformizations of regular relations over bi-infinite wordsGrzegorz Fabiański, Michał Skrzypczak and Szymon ToruńczykGrzegorz Fabiański
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF4.DRe-pairing bracketsDmitry Chistikov, Mikhail VyalyiDmitry Chistikov
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF4.EPebble Minimization of Polyregular FunctionsNathan LhoteNathan Lhote

Q/A Slot F5 — LICS

Join via: Slack | YouTube Playlist    Session chair(s): Yijia Chen
VideoPDFDOIPaper ID Title AuthorsVideo Presenter
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.ATemporal Constraint Satisfaction Problems in Fixed-Point LogicManuel Bodirsky, Wied Pakusa, and Jakub RydvalManuel Bodirsky and Jakub Rydval
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.BDescriptive complexity of real computation and probabilistic independence logicMiika Hannula, Juha Kontinen, Jan Van den Bussche and Jonni VirtemaJonni Virtema, Miika Hannula
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.CIntermediate problems in modular circuits satisfiabilityPawel Idziak, Piotr Kawalek, Jacek KrzaczkowskiPawel Idziak
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.DOn The Relational Width of First-Order Expansions of Finitely Bounded Homogeneous Binary Cores with Bounded Strict WidthMichał WronaMichał Wrona
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.ESparse Hashing for Scalable Approximate Model Counting: Theory and PracticeKuldeep Meel, S. AkshayKuldeep S. Meel
PDF iconYouTube iconDOI iconF5.FOn the Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Finite GroupsJendrik Brachter, Pascal SchweitzerJendrik Brachter